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When anglers are on the water, they should protect their skin from the suns harsh UV rays. Many people use sunscreen, along with a hat and sunglasses to guard themselves from the sun.

However, an additional tool that anglers can use to protect their skin is a face cover, also known as a neck gaiter. They are designed to be wore around the neck and cover the head, face, and neck, keeping it from getting sunburned.


There are a variety of companies that make face covers and many options to chose from. Today we’ll talk about some of the best and help you select the right face cover to help keep your skin protected and fishing longer.

Our Top Picks

Buff CoolNet UV Gaiter

See it on Amazon Our Top Picks

Buff UVX Gaiter

See it on Amazon

One of the most well-known face cover brands and my top choice is BUFF. They came out with one of the first fishing neck gaiters. BUFF makes many different types of face covers, however, my two favorites are the CoolNet UV model and the UVX mask. These face covers are made of high-quality microfiber material. They are light, stretchable and breathable.

I prefer the more versatile CoolNet UV model in most situations because it can be worn several different ways. However, the UVX mask is also a great option. It has breathable holes around the nose and mouth area and provide premier sun protection for an anglers face and neck.

Also Great

Huk Pursuit Gaiter

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Another great neck gaiter is made my Huk Performance Fishing. They make a lot of great fishing products, however their face cover is one of the best. The Huk Pursuit Gaiter is my preferred choice. It’s extremely light and breathable, and provides superior protection from the sun. Pursuit Gaiter is so lightweight, in fact, that anglers can’t even tell they are wearing it.

Some other great neck gaiter options include:

  1. Columbia Terminal Tacke Gaiter
  2. SA Neck Gaiter
  3. Carhartt Multi-purpose Neck Gaiter

Final thoughts

The sun and its harsh UV rays can have many negative long-term effects on the human skin. When exposed to the sun for too long, it can cause major damage. It’s very important for anglers to protect their skin from the sun, especially during long days on the water. That being said, be sure to purchase yourself a comfortable, reliable face covering to protect your head and neck from the sun the next time you’re out on the water!


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