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What’s actually included on the list?

The list primarily includes either 1) documentaries on fishing or 2) drama and adventure movies that have a good portion of fishing or feature fishing as a main theme.

In addition, we’ve also included a third group on the list: movies about fish (i.e. Finding Nemo) or with spectacular fishing scenes (i.e. The Beach’s spearfishing scene). This last group is in the minority, but we felt that if you loved fishing you’d also love movies with fish in them.

Top 75 Fishing Movies

Note: You can sort the table by “genre” by clicking on the “genre” column, in case you only want to see documentaries or vice versa. You can also use the search bar to search the table for a specific movie or genre.

RankTitleGenreWhere to Buy
1JawsHorror, SuspenseAmazon
2Grumpy Old MenComedyAmazon
3Finding NemoAnimatedAmazon
4Cast AwayDrama, AdventureAmazon
5A River Runs Through ItDramaAmazon
6Big FishScience Fiction, Drama, AdventureAmazon
7Man's Favorite SportComedyAmazon
820,000 Leagues Under the SeaAdventureAmazon
9The Perfect StormDramaAmazon
11The Life AquaticAdventure, Comedy, DramaAmazon
12Gone Fishin'ComedyAmazon
13Moby DickDrama, ActionAmazon
14Jaws 2Horror, SuspenseAmazon
15Orca: The Killer WhaleAction, AdventureAmazon
16On Golden PondDramaAmazon
17Deep Blue SeaSuspenseAmazon
18The BeachDrama, SuspenseAmazon
19Salmon Fishing in the YemenComedy, DramaAmazon
20Jaws 3Horror, SuspenseAmazon
2147 Meters DownAction, Adventure, SuspenseAmazon
22OndineRomance, DramaAmazon
23The MegAction, Adventure, SuspenseAmazon
2447 Meters Down: UncagedAction, Adventure, SuspenseAmazon
25Deep Blue Sea 2SuspenseAmazon
26Live The Stream: The Story of Joe HumphreysAction, DocumentaryAmazon
27Cast AlaskaDocumentaryAmazon
28The River WhyDramaAmazon
29Bait ShopComedyAmazon
30The Old Man and the SeaDramaAmazon
31The Memory of FishDocumentaryAmazon
32A River's Last ChanceDocumentaryAmazon
33The Lost World of Mr. HardyDocumentaryAmazon
34High Wild and FreeSpecial InterestAmazon
35Kiss The WaterDocumentaryAmazon
36Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 02 Successful Presentation TechniquesDocumentaryAmazon
37MegalodonAdventure, SuspenseAmazon
38Fly Fishing for Smallmouth BassSpecial Interest, SportsAmazon
39How to Catch Monster BassAdventureAmazon
40Advanced Bassin' TodayAdventureAmazon
41Bass Fishing: The BasicsDocumentaryAmazon
42Lunkerville: Pond ProwlingDocumentaryAmazon
43Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 04 Sight FishingDocumentaryAmazon
44Lunkerville: ChernobylDocumentaryAmazon
45Learn to Fish: A Beginner's Guide to Fishing (Masters of Fishing & Angling)DocumentaryAmazon
46Big Blue a Fishy TaleComedyAmazon
47Shore Fishing: Tips & Techniques - Alan Yates (Masters of Fishing & Angling)Special Interest, SportsAmazon
48The Mysterious White Marlin: A Guy Harvey ExpeditionDocumentaryAmazon
49The 2019 Fly Fishing Film TourDocumentaryAmazon
50The Last Fishing TripDrama, KidsAmazon
51Low and ClearDocumentaryAmazon
522017 Fly Fishing Film TourDocumentaryAmazon
53Grumpier Old MenComedyAmazon
54Saltwater CowboysDocumentaryAmazon
55Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 08 Plastic WormsDocumentaryAmazon
56Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 06 CrankbaitsDocumentaryAmazon
57Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 07 - JigsDocumentaryAmazon
58Lobster War: The Fight Over The World's Richest Fishing GroundsDocumentaryAmazon
592018 Fly Fishing Film TourDocumentary, SportsAmazon
60Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 05 Spinnerbaits & ChatterbaitsDocumentaryAmazon
61Superfish: Billfish, with David AttenboroughDocumentaryAmazon
622016 Fly Fishing Film TourDocumentaryAmazon
63Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 01 The Big PictureDocumentaryAmazon
64When Fish Won't Bite - Tips, Tricks & Proven Techniques to Increase Your Fishing SuccessSpecial Interest, Sports Amazon
65Fishing for Giant Bluefin TunaSpecial Interest, SportsAmazon
66Towed In a HoleComedyAmazon
67Soulfish 2DocumentaryAmazon
68Monster FishDocumentaryAmazon
69Deep Water Structure Fishing For Spotted Bass With Mack FarrDocumentaryAmazon
70Ultimate Tips & Techniques Series Vol. 03 - Topwater FishingDocumentaryAmazon
71Jungle AnglerDocumentaryAmazon
72Only the River KnowsDocumentaryAmazon

My Personal Top 3 Fishing Movies

1. Bait Shop

The best fishing movie I have ever watched is “Bait Shop.” Bill Dugan, a bait shop owner on Paradise Lake learns of a $15,000 payment he must make to the bank or he will lose his shop. In the meantime, a professional bass tournament is being held on the lake. The favorite to win the event, Hot Rod Johnson, who is loved by all the townspeople and will do anything to win. The only way Bill Dugan can pay the bank is by entering the tournament and winning the first place prize! This movie is funny and certainly one I would recommend that all fishermen should watch!

2. Gone Fishin’

This is another exciting, funny fishing movie. When two friends Joe and Gus take a trip to Florida for a fishing trip, the two get themselves into a bit of trouble and cause a lot of damage. Not much is going right on there little vacation. In addition, they find themselves on a mission to stop a thief. If you’re looking for a good laugh and adventure, this movie is for you!

3. A River Runs Through It

This movie is about two brothers who grow up fly fishing the rivers and streams in Montana. Much of the film portrays their love for fly-fishing and their shared experiences within in as they grew up. This movie is full of drama and is recommended for anyone who enjoys fishing.


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