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There are literally hundreds, and possibly thousands of fishing apps out there, making it incredibly difficult to figure out which ones are worth trying out.

I’ve gone through most of them and narrowed it down to about 30.

But, before we get to all 30, I’m going to save you even more time and show you my favorites.

My Top 5 Fishing Apps for the Avid Fisherman

While I’ve used and recommend all the apps listed here, these five below are the ones I’m currently using day to day.

1. Fish Brain

Fish brain is an awesome social networking app that allows anglers to log their catches, post photos, and share their fishing spots with other anglers. It was created to let anglers help and learn from each other by sharing fishing tips and techniques. 

2. BassForecast

BassForecast is a trip planning tool that helps bass anglers maximize their time on the water. This app uses prove facts about bass feeding behavior, along with air and water temperature, to help users decide which days are best to hit the water and when its better to stay at home.

3. Navionics

Navionics is an app made with nautical charts that fisherman can use for marking certain GPS waypoints. It comes in handy when anglers don’t have access to an actual depth finder/GPS system with them.

4. Fishidy

Fishidy is an app made up of fishing maps of thousands of bodies of water. It helps anglers by including boat ramp locations, depth contour lines, and other navigation features. Anglers can also post their fishing pictures on this app and share their fishing knowledge with other anglers.

5. Fish Rules

The Fish Rules app informs anglers on the saltwater fishing regulations in a user-friendly format. It tells anglers how big a certain fish much be to keep, how many of a certain species anglers can keep, and if a certain fish is in season.

Top Fishing Apps

RankNameGenreGet it Here
1Fishing PointsGPSGoogle Play
2Fishing ForecastTrip PlanningGoogle Play
3Fishing & Hunting Solunar TimeSolunarGoogle Play
4Master Bass AnglerFishing GameGoogle Play
5My Fishing World- Realistic FishingFishing GameGoogle Play
6Rapala Fishing- Daily CatchFishing GameGoogle Play
7Navionics AppGPSGoogle Play
8Fishbrain AppSocial NetworkingGoogle Play

9Fishing Knots LiteKnot TyingGoogle Play
10DEEPER - SMART SONAR.SonarGoogle Play
11FishAnglerLog CatchesGoogle Play
12Fishing Times FreeSolunarGoogle Play
13Fishing Spots- Local Fishing Maps and ForecastGoogle Play
14Solunar Time Forecast - Fishing & HuntingTrip PlanningGoogle Play
15WeFish - Fishing Forecast, Diary and MarketplaceFishing ForecastGoogle Play
16BassForecastBass FishingGoogle Play
17Fishing CalendarSolunarGoogle Play
18When to FishWeatherGoogle Play
19Fish RulesRegulationsGoogle Play
20Ultimate FishingFishing TipsGoogle Play
21Fishidy AppDetailed MappingGoogle Play
22FishWise: The Fishing AppWeatherGoogle Play
23Lowrance: Fishing & NavigationGPSGoogle Play
24Fishing Points & Gps Fishing ForecastFishing ForecastGoogle Play
25ANGLR Fishing App - Fishing Logbook of Your TripsRecord CatchesGoogle Play
26FIsherman's DiaryLog CatchesGoogle Play
27FishTrackSaltwater FishingGoogle Play
28Stillwater Fly FishingFly-FishingGoogle Play
29Bass FIshhing Techniques and TipsFishing TipsGoogle Play
30iAngler TournamentCompetitionGoogle Play
31Fish Finder - Advanced Fish Sonar : Free SimulatorSonarGoogle Play
32Pro AnglerSaltwater FishingGoogle Play

So, which ones have you used?

Or, did I leave off your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below, and as always, keep your hooks wet!


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