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Many anglers enjoy weighing their fish after they catch them. There are many different types of scales available to fishermen. However, there are a few that stand out and are much better than the rest. Choosing the right scale makes it easier for the angler and is the safer for the fish.

Our Top Pick

Rapala Touch Screen Scale 50lb

This high-quality scale is very lightweight and very user friendly. It is touchscreen for easier use, waterproof, can weigh up to 50 pounds and can store up to eight weights at one time. It also has a heavy-duty composite weigh clamp, which is ideal and much safer for weighing fish than a standard stainless-steel hook. I would highly recommend this product for any angler who wants to keep track of and weigh their big fish!


Berkley Digital Fish Scale with Tape

This scale is also a great choice for weighing your fish. It is water resistant, comes with a 48-inch tape to measure fish, and stores up to 10 weights at once. It also has a clamp with is better for the health of the fish being weighed.

Other Great Options

Our Top Pick

Rapala High Contrast Digital Scale 50lb

This great scale is compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. It stores up to eight weights at once, has a backlight so it can be used at night, and has a very heavy-duty clamp for increased protection of the fish.

Our Top Pick

Rapala Digital Fish Gripper Stainless Steel

This scale is made with supreme toughness and durability, built with high grade of stainless steel. It is completely water resistant and runs for up to 600 hours on just two AAA batteries. It also has a large, easy to read display and is very user friendly.

Our Top Pick

KastKing Digital Fishing Scale

Lastly, this scale is lightweight and very easy to handle, yet still durable. It is waterproof and will even float if dropped in the water. It can weigh up to 50 pounds and comes with a non-puncture lip gripper and batteries.

Back to You

If you’re an angler who wants to record what their fish weighs, you can’t go wrong with any of these scales mentioned above. They all are high quality, easy to use and get the job done. Each one will help you keep track of your best catches and have you bragging to all your friends about your heaviest catches! Be sure to grab yourself a scale and have it ready for the next time you hit the water!


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