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Bass Bandits Blue Cypress Lake April 2019

April is one of the best times of the year to catch bass. Two weeks ago, my granddad and I proved it to be true during our last bass tournament on Blue Cypress Lak. The over 6,000 acre lake is located near Vero Beach on the east coast of Florida.

My grandpa and I pre-fished the unfamiliar body of water for a couple of days before the tournament. Our practice went extremely well. We caught over fifty bass on an assortment of baits, including topwater lures, speed worms, swimbaits, and jerkbaits. We had multiple good areas to fish and had high expectations going into the tournament.

On the morning of competition, my grandpa and I started out fishing in a set of canals near the boat ramp. I caught our first keeper of the day on my second cast. We fished the canals for another hour or so, but caught only two more small keeper bass. We decided to relocate out into the main lake to a grass line we’d found some fish a day earlier.

I picked up a soft-plastic swimbait and almost immediately caught a four and a half pounder. I caught a three pounder ten minutes later. We continued to cull our smaller fish throughout the day and had a solid bag of fish by the time we had to head back to the boat ramp for weigh-in.

My grandpa and I weighed in 17.75 pounds of bass and actually had the heaviest bag of the tournament. Unfortunately, one of our fish died in the live well. We had three tenths of an ounce deducted from our total weight, which dropped us from 1st to 2nd place. It was a tough way to have a victory taken away, but things like that happen sometimes. We’d still had a good finish and a fun time catching so many fish on Blue Cypress Lake.

My largest bass caught on Blue Cypress during practice, a four pounder.
Me displaying our tournament day catch.

I’ve posted a video on my YouTube channel with footage from Blue Cypress Lake. The link is listed below. Be sure to check it out, like and subscribe!


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